... A word for the month of June

In the name of Jesus, I command blessings over you in this month of June.  Receive the oil of joy. Receive grace to have advantage over your equals and your, competitors. Shame and backwardness shall never be your portion. Receive power to do the impossible. I pray for you in this month that God will use your hands to perform unusual, uncommon and extraordinary miracles. May the Heavens and the hosts thereof favor you. Favor will find her way into your life this month. Strange and unique miracles are taking place in your life and family this month. You are receiving extraordinary favors from strange people and from obscure places.  God, the Father, is crowning you with dignity, honor and glory.  You will do better than expected and your foes will be silenced, in the name of Jesus. I break up every satanic conspiracy against your life.  I rebuke the spirit of confusion concerning your affairs. I ask for every kind of increase in your life, especially financial increase. I pray for surprises to come your way. No sickness and disease will survive in your body. Health is your portion. May the Blood of Jesus protect you from sudden calamities and sudden dangers. I command you to prosper and triumph in this life changing month of June in Jesus name.  Amen

Bishop Dominic Newlove Allotey,
an International healing evangelist and a teacher of the Word of God,

with an apostolic anointing, is the founder and Senior Pastor of Living Faith Ministries International, Inc., which is located in Mount Vernon, New York. With over twenty-five years in ministry, Bishop Allotey currently serves over one thousand members. Bishop Allotey has ministered extensively in the United States and preached in more than forty countries. He is committed to bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to people all over the world. Bishop Allotey was called into Ministry in 1981 and received the vision for Living Faith Ministries International Church in 1993. He started a Saturday morning prayer service called Jericho Hour which has, and continues to be a training ground for countless Christians. This powerful time of prayer is coupled with quarterly prayer summits, which are designed to equip believers in Christ with the spiritual tools necessary to walk in authority, become effective prayer warriors and intercessors, and live a victorious life. Bishop Allotey's ministry crosses denominational, racial and social boundaries, promoting reconciliation, healing and redemption. He is anointed by God to preach and expound biblical truths, which compels people to seek a deeper walk with God. He combines a profound intellectual and scriptural approach with an intense oratorical style. Many hail his teaching method as “practical, yet powerful."

Located in the heart of Westchester County, New York

in the City of Mount Vernon, Living Faith Ministries International Church continues to impact the community through countless outreach programs and community-empowering projects directed by Bishop Allotey.

Living Faith Ministries International Church serves as a site for many life-changing conferences and programs. At these conferences many are blessed, saved and led to Christ. Lives are changed because of Bishop Allotey’s passion for mentoring church leaders, men, women and youth.  People discover their destinies through his ministry.

Bishop Allotey has committed his life to serving and helping all people to achieve their fullest potential. He hosts the Dominion Life TV telecast, a weekly program that reaches over ten million people in the tri-state area.

Revered locally, nationally and internationally as a dynamic man of vision, leadership, integrity and compassion, Bishop Allotey also serves as an adviser and counselor to many pastors around the world and is a frequent guest on TBN. Although Bishop Allotey is a humble servant, because of the favor of God on his life, he has developed relationships with key religious and political leaders, and continues to advance the Kingdom of God with zeal and purpose.   

Bishop Allotey is a prolific author
who has published more than fifteen books.

Top five bestsellers:
>> Confessions of a Faith Preacher
>> Spiritual Warfare and Strategic Prayers for Divine Elevation
>> Dreams and Visions in Prophetic Warfare
>> Prayer for Breaking Generational Curses and Repetitive Occurrences
>> Prayer For Spiritual Breakthrough and Deliverance
Recent releases include:
>> Was Jesus Really Poor?
>> Prayer and Declarations for Attracting Favor
>> The Mystery and the Power of the Blood
>> There is a Miracle in Your Mouth

Bishop Allotey and his wife Naomi are the proud parents of four children

Sandra, Veronica, Joshua and Joelle. The couple has also served as surrogate parents for many other children in the church and community.

Dr. Allotey has a Bachelor’s degree in Education Theology and Ministry, a Master’s Degree in Counseling, a Doctorate degree in Theology, and a Doctorate degree in Ministry. He was awarded an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree from Oral Roberts University in 1998.