About the Church

Living Faith Ministries International Church is a non-profit organization established since 1992 at 195 West First Street, in Mount Vernon, NY 10550. The ministry was established with a goal of preaching the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ in the local communities in Westchester, New York City, and the world at large.


There are services held every Sunday, Thursdays and Saturdays. Sunday morning Miracle service is at 11a.m., Thursday evening teaching service is at 7pm and Saturday morning prayer service, (Jericho Hour) is at 7a.m. Sunday services are preceded by an hour of in-depth and exciting Sunday school program, at 10am. The church have within her leadership repertoire, a body of well-equipped personnel, including; The senior pastor and founder; Dr. Dominic N. Allotey, the resident pastor, associate and branch pastors, a body of elders, deacons and deaconesses, a trustee board, the leaders of the auxiliary groups in the church and other church workers in various capacities. The church and ministries’ responsibility is to its members, the community, and the unsaved at large. With the knowledge that we are one in the body of Christ, there is no discrimination as to color, class or creed. We love everyone and we welcome everyone.


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