Covenant Family

Covenant Family seeks to enrich, protect, and restore marriages to glorify God and to strengthen the family unit based on biblical principals.

This is a ministry that provides a forum where the marriage process can be thoroughly and practically explored.

Who is Covenant Family for?

Whether you are engaged, married, divorced or widowed or you’d just like to learn about how
to make your relationships successful, Covenant Family is place to grow.

Covenant Family

Lady Naomi

1st Lady Naomi loves the people of God and constantly places her efforts in fostering relationships that encourage peace, love and understanding. She loves to bring people together in brotherly love.

Minister Yemi

Minister Yemi is passionate about God and how our love for one another reflect our love for God. He encourages the people of God to bind their relationships together in love, the same way as Christ loves His church.

Sister Danita

Sister Danita encourages practical application of healthy relationship practices according to the Word of God. She encourages God’s people to be transparent and honest to grow with one another through Christ.